Additional Modules

Online Insurance Eligibility Verification
Prior to rendering services your staff may check insurance coverage in real time or in batch mode directly from the AccuScheduler. Validate coordination of benefits, limitation of coverage, and dramatically reduce billing of non-covered visits. AccuMed processes the 270, 271, 278 HIPAA transaction sets.

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Automatic Remittance Posting
Automatically and accurately post payments, denials, and adjustments with a single click. AccuMed Remit reduces posting errors and administrative costs while increasing staff productivity. AccuMed Remit supports 835 remittance processing for government and commercial payers.

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Claims Scrubbing Wizard
The AccuCodeWizard claims scrubber works to improve compliance and billing accuracy. Automatically edits claims for valid ICD-9/CPT code usage and combinations.

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Automated Telephone Appointment Reminder
Enhance doctor-patient communication using personalized phone messaging to confirm appointments; recall patients due for their next office visit; follow-up on missed appointments. Each personalized message may include patient-specific details related to an office visit: patient’s name, date and time, location, procedure instructions and a personal note from the doctor.

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