AccuOTP – The Perfect Off-the-Shelf OTP Software for Small Practices

As a solo practitioner or small practice, you need a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable OTP software to manage your medication management needs. That’s where AccuOTP from Accumedic comes in. Our robust OTP system provides accurate real-time medication management, extensive inventory tracking, and automated buildup and detox/titrate ordering, making it the perfect solution for agencies dealing with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of AccuOTP:

Affordable yet Robust OTP System

Our software is priced to suit the budget of solo practitioners and small practices, while still providing a robust OTP system for medication management and reporting.

AccuDash – On-Demand Analytics and Reporting

Get real-time insights into your practice with our on-demand analytics and reporting tool.

Supports Both Scilog and IVEK Pumps for Dispensing

AccuOTP supports both Scilog and IVEK pumps for dispensing, making it easy for you to manage your medication inventory and dispensing.

KIOSK Check-in Feature Available

Simplify patient check-in with our KIOSK check-in feature.
Ability to Separate Your MAT Program from Clinical: AccuOTP allows you to separate your MAT program from clinical while still maintaining one database, making it easy for you to manage your MAT program.

Efficient Medication Distribution

Our software provides one-click medication distribution, making it easy for you to manage your patient’s medication needs.

Attendance Tracking and Medication and Dispensing History

Keep track of your patient’s attendance and medication history with our attendance tracking and medication history features.

Automated Buildup and Detox/Titrate Ordering

Save time and effort by automating your buildup and detox/titrate ordering.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Get real-time insights into your inventory with our inventory tracking tool.

Don’t let the challenges of medication management hold you back.

Join the growing number of solo practitioners and small practices who trust AccuOTP for their OTP needs. Contact us today to schedule a demo or request more information or schedule your demo online. With AccuOTP, you can rest easy knowing your medication management needs are taken care of.