Chart At-A-Glance

The AccuMed EMR Patient Chart allows you, as a provider, to have instant access to a patient’s complete medical record whenever or wherever you want it. In your busy world, you need a charting initiative that’s fully configurable and flexible, allowing you to see a patient chart the way your practice is accustomed to seeing it. AccuMed Patient Chart lets you securely review medication, prescriptions, immunizations, lab orders, allergies, family and social history, etc, everything you will need in making clinical decisions.

Custom Patient Chart View:

  • View the Patient’s Problem List, Edit and Assign Priorities

  • Access and create new Encounters and Appointments

  • Edit, create and assign new Labs by Groups and Individuals

  • Fully Customized Templates and Encounters

Medication Management and Online Prescribing

AccuMed Medication Management module offers an easy to use online prescriptions ordering system and improves the overall medication management process. With the growing number of prescriptions issued the possibility of error increases. The AccuMed Prescription reduces the possibility of a misread prescription and increases the quality of attention to patient’s needs. The module facilitates protected exchange and transmission between your practice and pharmacies enabling you to order, manage, and update prescriptions safely. The user friendly interface allows refills, dosage changes, etc.

Online Prescribing:

  • Order Medications and refills Online

  • Electronic submission directly to the patient’s pharmacy

  • Enable staff members to prepare scripts for approval

  • Direct access from patient chart

  • Reduce data error in prescription processing

  • Less time on the phone with pharmacies

Lab Orders and Results

Coordinating efforts between providers and laboratories grants the patient the quality service and care they expect. This timesaver provides rapid access to the labs. Tests are ordered quickly and easily, and lab orders reviewed from the patient charts while treating patients, or remotely over an ultra tight secure connection. Incoming results will send a message to the provider’s dashboard as they are received, electronically. You can even configure the AccuMed EMR to generate System and Patient Alters when abnormal results are received. The easy to use tracking system provides status on all labs orders (Completed, Pending, etc.)

  • Labs Order Management

  • Define any variation of Individual and Groups Lab Orders.

  • Create and modify new and existing encounters

  • Direct access from patient chart

  • Assign Labs to other professionals in your practice

  • Graph and chart Lab results over time.

  • Easy to understand results