Organize your day-Accomplish Priorities

As a Provider, managing your day can be an overwhelming task. The AccuMed EMR Provider Dashboard can make this task a less daunting by serving as the spring board to your day and the gateway to AccuMed EMR. In a consolidated, instantly customizable view, you can see all your appointments, pending encounters, to-dos, messages, lab orders, and alters; even physically locate your patients utilizing the patient tracker.

AccuMed Dashboard View Includes:

  • Track Patients by Name, Room Number, and Waiting Time

  • View Patient Encounter List

  • Display appointments by date, name, and dtatus

  • Create, edit and forward Medical Alerts

  • Read, replay, and compose new messages for staff and associates

  • Manage and Assign Tasks to other professionals and co-workers

  • Customized Dashboard, and Patient Chart Views by Practice and Provider

Tasks, Messages, and Alerts

Managing Tasks with AccuMed has never been easier. Without endless searching, and just a click of a button you can choose Task Type, Priority Level, Frequency and more. These features are available for any authorized employee and are fully integrated in a single database.

  • Create, edit, and assign tasks

  • Multiple priority levels with links to patients amd completion dates

  • Unlimited Tasks Types (Lab Orders, Medication Administration, Reports, etc.)

  • Compose, Reply, and Edit Messages (secure internal e-mail system)

Customized Templates and Encounters

AccuMed is equipped with a user-friendly template designer that lets you create, modify and publish customized Encounters for your practice. The Accumedic dedicated support staff will upload your system with many templates that are specifically designed for your specialty. It’s just that easy and, new templates can be created and added to the Library at any time.

  • Create and edit unlimited Templates

  • Generate and modify new and existing Encounters

  • Create and Modify New and Existing Encounters

  • Add new Data Fields and Images to the Encounter Library

  • Instantly publish New Encounters to your practice