Addiction Treatment Software

AccuMed™ Behavioral Health EHR provides complete Opiate Addiction Treatment / Methadone dispensing capabilities together with an adaptable clinical record and industry-leading billing system for comprehensive clinic management. Increase your Opiate Addiction Treatment facility’s workflow efficiency by managing all of your clinical, dispensing, and billing functions with a single, easy-to-use methadone dispensing solution. Improve the effectiveness of your opiate addiction treatment programs through clinical integration and real-time sharing of relevant data. Promote positive outcomes by easing the administrative burden and enabling your treatment team(s) to effectively collaborate and focus on care.

Ordering and Clinical Treatment

  • Electronic Orders are written directly into client chart

  • Dispensing schedule

  • Medication and Dispensing history

  • Attendance tracking

  • Automated Buildup and Detox/Titrate Ordering

  • Biometric check-in/ client recognition

  • Client Photo Identification

  • Randomized/scheduled UAs

  • Consolidated single clinical record- assessment tools, progress notes, and treatment plans

Dispensing Management

  • Efficient (one-click) medication distribution

  • Simultaneous multi-unit dosage inventory tracking

  • Real-time inventory tracking

  • Total daily dosage estimates

  • Waste, Return, Spillage and Exception Dosing

  • Multiple Medication Types- Liquid and Tablet Methadone, Suboxone, Naloxone, Naltrexone, Sublocade, Buprenorphine, Narcan and Vivitrol
  • Automated dosing using a SciLog or IVEK Dispensing Pump

  • Patient dosing labels and inventory labels

  • Patient hold alerts halting patients at dispensing and chechin windows

  • Front desk triage to dispensing station, urine test or clinical review

Integrated Billing System

  • 1 Claim, multiple charges, per client, per week

  • Methadone & other clinical charges

    1 Claim, multiple charges, per client, per week

  • Medicaid, private insurance, responsible party payment

    1 Claim, multiple charges, per client, per week

  • Claim adjudication

    1 Claim, multiple charges, per client, per week

Accumedic’s Opiate Addiction Treatment/Methadone software is intuitive, as well as easy to understand, use, and configure.

AccuMed Methadone Dispensing software integrates seamlessly with Accumed Behavioral Health EHR to enable best-in-class long-term treatment of drug addiction, pain and other medical and mental health conditions.
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