Our behavioral health clinicians and directors can better track Treatment Plan timetable reviews and appreciate the customization features that are available to them as this creates efficiency in their individualized processes. The system allows increased documentation compliance and quality assurance oversight, ensuring billed claims are well documented.

Questions and requests are answered by Accumed’s skilled tech staff in prompt, comprehensive and courteous fashion. Our organization has been using the billing system for over 15 years and our staff have always had a very positive experience in having claims paid appropriately. Thankfully, these payments are posted automatically to the Accumed Account Receiveable which saves serious time.

Their implementation team was very helpful, responsive and efficient. They are good people with a good product.

Nicole Whitcroft – Compliance Director, CSEDNY

Our long-term goal was full health home integration and we needed a certified solution that would coordinate well with our practice management system. What really has drawn us to Accumed EHR is how it mirrors our state’s certified documentation system.

Most of our clinicians are NYSCRI certified and we liked how their system mirrored the NYSCRI system. The similarity will make clinician training much easier.

I would absolutely recommend Accumedic to my colleagues, their billing functions are very sophisticated and it’s the right choice if you have a tight overhead and are looking to save money in the mental health field.

Cynthia Nye – Director, Revenue Management, Family Service League

We needed to replace our current system with one that met the ARRA 2015 Federal requirements. We were looking for a paperless solution that would improve efficiency and reduce cost and we wanted to get up to speed quickly. What made Accumedic really stand out was the fact that a nearby agency was already using their practice management software.

We really liked how well their billing functions coordinated with our state billing requirements.

Some of the main features we were drawn to were the scheduling and clinical documentation, reminders and alerts, and the ability to track efficiently.

Lisa German – CFO, Northeastern Mental Health Center

We were concerned with ease of use and reliability; we needed a solution tailored for behavioral health – not an out-of-the-box software. It needed to be flexible and customizable for multiple programs: case management, article 31, chemical dependency, etc. We also needed a solution that coordinated well with our practice management system.

We needed to simplify our documentation and have the ability to pull outcomes. When applying for grants you need to show outcomes. Without the ability to pull outcomes your non-profit will be left in the wings.

What we were looking for in a provider is a company that is approachable, reliable and offers customization; a company we feel we can trust. Accumedic was the best fit for us.

Suzzette Giordano – CPC-Director, Business Operations, Putnam Family & Community Services

We were late in the game transitioning to an EHR. Many local agencies had already adopted their EHR systems and based upon their experience, we were expecting mayhem, frustration and a serious drop in production, many problems when implementing ours.

We experienced none of these problems with Accumedic, no issues, no drop in production. We were relieved that our staff caught on quickly and right away we were able to work more efficiently than before.

Their implementation team was very helpful, responsive and efficient. They are good people with a good product.

Krister Wilgren – Clinic Director

We are a large Outpatient Mental Health Facility and have been using Accumed since 1993. They have been consistently great in keeping up with the ever changing NYS Regulations.

They respond to their customers needs.

The tech support department is excellent. They are readily available and can answer your questions in a language you can understand

Beverley Walthew – Billing Manager

Customer and business partner (billing service company) for 10+ years. All-in-one customizable system delivers streamlined billing, scheduling and patient flow functionality, along with user experience support.

Excellent EMR and Practice Management product. Product is user friendly, robust, up to date with State’s and Insurance companies regulations. There are countless useful reports built for customer needs and excellent customer service.

One of the best healthcare products in the market !

Azeem Dada- BHIT Professional

The Accumedic Technical  Support Staff has always been been kind, helpful and extremely patient (and occasionally miracle workers)!   

They maintain their calm especially when I am panicked, which is very much appreciated!

We can’t thank them enough!

Laura Humbert- Billing Director, Arlington Pediatric Therapy