We make it smart, we make it easy; we do it with care

The ability to work with expert talent with in-depth industry knowledge and unwavering attention to detail consistently makes Accumedic the resource of choice for health care providers and medical institutions. Our services are delivered by a dedicated team of professionals that combine three decades of industry expertise and thousands of successful implementations nationwide.

Our Accumedic team will enhance your implementation, training and support, making it a seamless, painless experience. We understand the fear factor of change in a busy practice. We know the critical nature of timing. That’s why we create, in advance, a strategy for transition that is most effective for our individual clients. Your first encounter will be with our System Analysts who will work closely with your team to learn your workflow, business requirements and infrastructure needs.

Next you will meet our Data Migration Expert who will preserve and convert your existing data into AccuMed. Our dedication to this process will give your practice a go-live database that includes your patient demographics, payors, service facilities, and providers. Throughout the years we have converted data from virtually all of the systems available in the market place.

Upon completion of the system installation your AccuMed Trainer will prepare and present a custom tailored agenda surrounding your workflow. Hands-on training is delivered to you and your team by one of our highly qualified professionals.

Following training, you will be assigned a dedicated Implementation Manager who will be your primary contact during the implementation phase. This manager will work hand-in-hand with your team to complete the successful rollout of the system.


You may have a new employee or consider user re-education, in either case; our talented, patient, and engaging trainers are available for onsite, offsite, or web trainings. Our trainers work at your pace and are extremely adept at gauging user knowledge which makes for a very effective user experience.

Custom Interface Development

We routinely engage in custom interface programming to provide the integration of AccuMed into your other business and health information applications.

Developer Support

We provide tools and support for your IT staff to successfully maintain and develop internally designed projects. The goal is to fit our Accumedic Solution into your existing framework. Our developers can provide an understanding of our schema and API to assist you in successfully integrating our solution with yours.