As your mental health practice grows, you need solutions that streamline how you gather patient records and prescribe treatment. We at Accumedic offer just what you need in the form of our substance use treatment software. 

Our substance use treatment software leverages cloud technology to ensure the security of your records and electronic prescriptions. Say goodbye to bulky patient records as we facilitate simple, streamlined record storage with our software’s electronic health record feature. 

You can also experience streamlined endorsements with our software, allowing you to collaborate with other facilities or treatment providers by just sharing electronic health records. 

Let our substance use software help your practice as you have helped many patients battle substance use. Reach out now for a free demo of our substance use software. 

Your All-in-One Practice Management Solution

We are no strangers to the myriad of processes that go into treating substance abuse. Treatment facilities and private practices must optimize their processes in all areas of patient care, including writing prescriptions, accessing health records, and billing accurately.

All these tasks may be divided into different staff and departments, making workflows inefficient at times. But what if you could perform all these functions in one place?

Our substance use treatment software boasts a full integration of features sure to make your workflow easier. In just one program, you have access to records, prescriptions, treatment history, and ongoing billing cycles.

Automate Your Administrative Processes

Our software’s automation capability enables you to document and store records about a patient’s sessions or treatment. The record then integrates with other patient data and medication records, making everything easier from billing and medication dispensing to scheduling. 

We have found that administrative processes are one of the biggest reasons for inefficiencies. Knowing this, we have created our substance use treatment software to help you improve your practice’s productivity. Our software’s automation allows you to achieve maximum efficiency so that you can focus on providing quality patient care. 

Request a demo today and witness the power of automation with our substance use treatment software. 

Customizable Workflows

Our software comes with default workflows for all your practice’s day-to-day needs, but you’ll be able to customize these work processes to your liking. 

From form-building to report-sending, everything is open for you to optimize to your team or staff’s preference. Experience workflows that play to your organizational strengths — reach out to us for a free demo today.

Go Paperless with Our Cloud-based Computing Technology

After seeing and treating many substance use disorder cases, all facilities will inevitably run into one problem: bulky health records. While most facilities have departments tasked with record storage, there comes a time when you’ll simply run out of storage space. When this happens, facilities can lose health records, risking violations and making patient care cumbersome.

With our cloud-based technology, bulky record drawers will become a thing of the past for your practice. Our substance use treatment software allows you to leverage the storage and accessibility power of the cloud as you transition to paperless record-keeping. 

Our software not only facilitates record access, but also makes storage efficient, giving your facility more room and time for the things that matter. Schedule a free demo with us to see how we handle EHR (Electronic Health Record) creation and storage.

Tamper-proof Your Facility’s Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records

Our software promotes accuracy and precision in medical records by consolidating every input on the client’s electronic chart. The software’s security features grant exclusive access to designated health team members, deciding who can write on the patient’s chart.
Each record ties into another to ensure full integration of patient records. Besides optimizing your workflow, the integrations make each record tamper-proof.

Upgrade Your Behavioral Healthcare Services with Our EHR and Video Conferencing Features

Enjoy safe and secure engagement with clients, and keep delivering care with continuity, using telehealth as one of your primary care delivery options. Save on airtime costs with our shared sessions plan, rather than paying per registered user. With AccuMed™ Telehealth integration in your workflow, the sessions are charted in real-time. 

Conduct telehealth sessions right from the patient’s chart, document concurrently. Schedule, meet, treat, chart, and bill all from one application. We prioritize safe and secure HIPAA-compliant solutions. 

Patient Portal Access to Better Serve the Community

The Patient Portal offers access to health information and opens up new engagement opportunities with consumers. It’s mobile-friendly, working with both iOS and Android. Consumers can view upcoming and past appointments, check their current medications and allergies, and communicate through internal messaging or request appointments. Additionally, lab results are available for review, and payment processing features allow for timely patient payments. 

Quickly and Easily Manage Tasks for Each Member of Your Team

One of the key features of our substance use treatment software is its task manager. Our software’s task management capabilities allow you to create, assign, and check off tasks. Most importantly, it enables you to manage tasks by job function. 

The software’s easy-to-navigate dashboard creates an intuitive and seamless user interface that shows task types and staff; all you need to do is delegate, and the software does the rest. 

The task manager also enables clinicians to update orders. This way, your practice no longer must rely on cards and charts whenever a clinician administers a new drug or orders a new lab test. 

See first-hand how our substance use software can revolutionize your practice’s efficiency by scheduling a demo today.

Communicate and Collaborate Seamlessly and Securely

With our software, you can communicate easily with members of the health team. The software has a secure internal email feature, enabling you to draft, send, and receive updates from other staff members. 

The internal email function occurs on an encrypted server, allowing all communications to remain secure. 

Our secure server protects your data and your patient’s privacy. Learn more about our software’s security features by requesting a demo.

Simple, Accurate, and Automated Billing

Our software automates many of your practice’s day-to-day processes, including billing. As soon as a patient comes to your practice for treatment, the software records the initial encounter. With the recording of the encounter comes other records, like prescriptions and their dispensing schedule.
From here, the software automatically generates the bill by incorporating data points from the records created. As a result, your practice’s billing practice becomes more efficient, allowing your administration staff to focus on providing excellent customer service.
Schedule a demo today to see how we can perfect billing for your substance use treatment facility.

Access from Anywhere in Your Treatment Facility

Our substance use treatment software is accessible on desktops and tablets. As a result, members of your team no longer have to scramble to nodes or PC terminals to check and update notes. With just a tablet in hand, your team stays abreast with patient care updates in your facility. 

When you run a large substance use treatment facility, you need more than an all-in-one practice management solution — you need an all-in-one practice management solution that allows access from anywhere on-site. 

Our software offers this and more. Request your demo today and experience cross-device accessibility that keeps your entire team in the loop.

Choose Substance Use Treatment Software that Instantly Optimizes Your Workflow

Our substance use treatment software integrates records and automates processes to help you focus on providing quality care. We leverage world-class technology to bring you solutions that empower your practice and improve your patients’ experiences. 

We bring you software made interoperable by Microsoft SQL and With cloud computing technology, our software enables efficient data access, storage, and security. 

Our software is also ONC-ATCB-certified, operating in tandem with regional health information exchange databases for better referrals and cross-facility communication. 

We can help your practice toward a new level of efficiency and effectiveness, so look no further for an all-in-one innovative practice management solution. 

You’ve helped countless patients — now let us help you in return.

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Your practice deserves tools that help you optimize, streamline, and collaborate. We can offer you these tools all rolled into one with our substance use treatment software. 

A better and more profitable practice awaits you; request a demo today to experience an all-in-one practice management software that empowers your practice. 

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