AccuMedic can deliver the right mental health electronic health record system for your practice — one that not only gives you an integrated practice management solution but also helps keep your practice management running smoothly and efficiently.

Where Technology Meets Mental Health Practice

Given the challenges that behavioral health providers face, any mind and body health organization needs care coordination solutions that help maximize efficiency and minimize costs. AccuMed electronic health records (EHR) caters to mental and behavioral health practices, from private entities to non-profit centers. It addresses the unique needs of behavioral health professionals by offering comprehensive features and a suite of tools for both clinical and administrative practice management — making it an ideal choice for busy clinics struggling to meet multiple regulations and consumer expectations.

An efficient dashboard quickly shows your upcoming appointments, so there is no wondering how many patients are scheduled for the day or how many projects need to be completed. It provides a snapshot of your work volume and the most critical tasks, so you know what to prioritize. Think of our behavioral health EHR software as having an automated workflow analysis that puts everything into context. It helps you see the big picture, so you can make better decisions quickly.

Get the Right EHR for Mental Health Care

Behavioral health practices are unique, with different documentation, scheduling, and medical billing needs compared to primary care and other healthcare providers. AccuMed Mental Health EHR and integrated practice management software were created exactly for your needs. You don’t have to spend time or money customizing it to work the way you do.

Choosing the right mental health EHR and practice management software should be about more than just picking the one that costs the least to implement or that you can begin using within minutes. You want software solutions that consider everything from your unique documentation and scheduling needs to your medical and electronic billing rules and financial operations. That is why it is necessary to choose a system created specifically for mental health practices — an Electronic Health Records System designed for you. Our EHRs are developed as an all-in-one solution without hidden costs, so you can minimize staff burnout and maximize provider efficiency.

Empowering Mental Health Professionals

Mental and behavioral health practitioners like you have unpredictable workflows: clinical notes are difficult to capture, and medical documents are often outdated and cluttered. Our behavioral health EHR takes these processes out of the menu, simplifying clinical tasks and document management enabling providers to focus on patient engagement. With the right EHR, you can serve your patients better and keep your practice running smoothly.

Our EHR software for behavioral health practices brings together health practice management software and mental health EHR to create an integrated environment that helps you and your staff operate more efficiently and effectively. Here’s how our mental health EHR software helps you!

Streamlined Workflow 

Whether you are a private practice, specialty treatment center, or a government or non-government agency, AccuMed’s mental health EHR helps your team to be more productive. It improves your practice’s efficiency and patient experience by connecting your behavioral health workflows into one seamless system. By leveraging a comprehensive EHR, you can optimize both your documentation and clinical workflow.

Automated Scheduling 

With fully customizable behavioral health software, you stay organized by automatically sending appointment reminders to your patients. It keeps your appointment scheduling streamlined and efficient while saving you time and energy. Additionally, make your waitlist more effective with the open spot notifier, which alerts your mental health patients when a cancellation has made a new appointment time available. Thus, it improves your patient encounter and allows you to take more clients who require your expertise.

Conduct Consultations Online 

The telehealth feature is integrated into our behavioral health EHR software and allows you to conduct a global assessment with patients anywhere in the world for secure video chat sessions. Our software supports HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliance, as well as allowing patients to schedule their virtual appointments through your website on their patient portal, or even via their mobile devices. Following your telehealth session, prescribing clinicians can also send their prescriptions directly to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.

Easy Billing 

We built everything you need to succeed with a simple mental health billing and payment system suite that is as advanced as it is easy to use. Our medical client billing software offers a variety of features that help you manage and maintain a profitable practice, including a configurable rules engine, and automated patient-payment postings.

Simplified EHR Therapy Notes 

AccuMed mental health EHR software ensures that all provider documentation is performed efficiently and effectively. Patient records information is carried forward from previous appointments, reducing the need for data re-entry. This keeps your office organized and reduces staff time spent on documentation administrative tasks.

Accessible Records 

Using the latest health information technology, our configurable EHR software carries patients complete electronic medical records from previous visits, may it be from other mental health professionals. That way, you can easily compare your current diagnoses, prescription, and other information. This information is readily available at your fingertips, so you can provide quality care and better patient outcomes.

Enhanced Treatment Plans 

With fully procurable data, our mental health EHR software is designed to improve treatment plans for patients by alleviating the burden of paper-based documentation and helping mental health care professionals track patient progress in real-time. Based on the patient’s available records and current diagnoses, practitioners build a clear picture of their client’s mental and emotional condition for easier medication management and care, including addiction treatment.

You can expect nothing less from a modern, technologically advanced software solution for mental health practices. That isn’t all, though; there are even more benefits in store:

Augmented Patient Portal 

There is no need to fax in charts or fill out paper forms again. There’s never a need to wonder if or when the patient got their paperwork. With this easy-to-use client portal, you can increase your patient satisfaction scores by offering a convenient way for them to assess their medical records, schedule appointments, and speed up payments, and they want the reassurance that their data is secure and HIPAA-compliant. AccuMed EHR software helps you deliver just that.

AccuMed Analytics 

With our analytics, you can get a 360-degree view of your practice’s or organization’s finances. Using interactive charts and graphs, you get an immediate sense of the larger financial picture, and then you can dive deeper into the data for more information. 

Configurable Group Therapy Notes 

If your practice offers group therapy sessions, our configurable therapy notes let you make progress notes the way you want. Our group therapy notes enable a seamless transition between group notes and individual patient notes. This results in a more fluid experience that is intuitive to use and easy to manage. Best of all, if your practice works with telehealth, we offer unlimited seats, so you never have to choose between group therapy sessions and individual care. You can provide the best care in both ways!

Relevant, Reliable, Consistent EHR System 

How much precious time do you usually waste at work because of traditional practices and antiquated task patterns? Do you want to improve your clinic’s productivity and deliver better supervision to your esteemed patients? Mental health care professionals like you need a software system for mind and body health that streamlines client care and frees up more time to spend with patients. Our integrated psychotherapy notes, billing, and practice management software is a complete EHR system designed specifically for mental health practitioners — whether you are in public or private practice. 

Our goal is to provide mental health care professionals with the efficient mental health software they need to improve outcomes while avoiding additional costs. It is an integrated, collaborative approach to patient management that helps healthcare providers achieve excellence in care while observing HIPAA compliance standards. Our EHR software for behavioral health practices is designed for use by psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage & family therapists, and other mental health professionals who provide behavioral health services in private practice or clinic settings.

Better Outcomes. More Revenue

The leading behavioral health EHR systems for mental health providers are ready to power your agency to garner better outcomes and increase revenue. Our coordinated healthcare solution connects the dots, delivering exceptional care by reinforcing best practices and streamlining operations, ultimately improving productivity, and reducing cost while delivering quality service.

We are on a mission to improve the lives of our clients and increase patient engagement by providing support for all stages of recovery for mental health conditions. With our platform, you’ll have a simpler, yet more efficient system in place that empowers each client with their own personal health record and patient portal, reducing bottlenecks in the care process. Our Electronic Health Records software is cloud-based, so it is always up to date for your practice and all your staff can work from anywhere, on any device, with an internet connection. Furthermore, the technological features are designed so that you can instantly see a clear picture of what is going on in your business without spending time or money on training or consulting support.

Why Choose AccuMed Mental Health EHR?

Whether you provide counseling, therapy, medication management, or anything in the mental health field, you will never go wrong with our fully integrated software for behavioral health EHR. Once you try us, we promise you’ll stick with us around. Here’s why:

Exceptional User Experience 

We provide intuitive, integrated, and reliable technology — from assessments to the dashboard — that enables the user to gain full control over the EHR experience and create reporting that brings your goals, objectives, and performance metrics to life. 

Centralized, Real-Time Record 

Our behavioral health EHR gives you access to real-time data, so you can see your client’s progress at a glance. Thus, it prevents double doctoring and empowers you to deliver better service.

Easy-to-Use Interface 

With a powerful and configurable dashboard, you can track all the data and metrics you want to see, without having to search through multiple screens. 

FAQs for Mental Health EHR 

AccuMed was created to be the best EHR solution for mental health professionals, from private practice to community mental health programs to NGOs. It aims to help organizations and clinics to maximize  their full capacity through streamlined processes while minimizing cost. If you are in the following organizations, you can benefit from using our practice management behavioral health EHR software.

  • FQHC
  • Substance Abuse Centers
  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Community Health Centers
  • Residential Rehab
  • Developmental Disabilities Centers

We believe that caring for your client’s privacy is essential to your success. Thus, AccuMed mental health EHR software is built with security and HIPAA regulatory compliance in mind. When you choose AccuMed EHR, you can have  protected online patient portals that comply with regulations. All our mental health consultants are trained in patient safety by keeping data secure. Also, we store all your information on secure servers and conduct frequent backups to ensure that your information is protected and up to date, not to mention easing your peace of mind.

AccuMed EHR and other EHRs improve the way your patient interacts with their mental healthcare provider. It can speed up treatment, keep paperwork organized, and help you communicate more clearly with your patients to make quality care decisions with the convenient self-service portal. In short, it makes consultations better by being easy, more accurate, and fast. 

AccuMed EHR can help you streamline all aspects of your office activities. It is an EHR system that can manage your patient’s appointments, medication, and other essential details instead of you or your staff doing them manually. The records are easy to access, so you don’t have to scour over piles of records. 

Having access to more complete patient histories and relevant clinical data is central to providing the best possible care. EHRs improve the way patient care is provided, by allowing healthcare professionals to share pertinent information during patient encounters and track this information centrally for ongoing management. As interoperability becomes more widespread, medical records will be available across all settings of care, empowering providers to deliver quality care consistently, regardless of where a patient receives treatment.

Our mental health EHR does not require any installation. It is a web-based system that will allow you to access your records from any device with an internet connection. We take care of the technical requirements, transform them into a service, and eliminate the need for extraneous software expenses.  

Moreover, our experts will upgrade and maintain AccuMed’s software to fit your practice. They will increase its security, change the frequency of its backups, and adjust other features specific to  your practice’s needs. Once it is set up properly, they will continue to support the system as needed.

Accumed Behavioral Health EHR – Your Answer to Efficient Electronic Mental Health Record-Keeping 

Keeping up with all necessary patient information and care can be daunting for all mental health professionals. That is why all of us at Accumedic praise the wonders of technology. EHR has revolutionized the healthcare industry by allowing healthcare professionals to seamlessly tackle the everyday management of complete patient data. 

Our effective mental health software is designed expressly for professionals working in the mental health community and it aims to supplement your capability to improve your practice and treatment for your patients. 

The Accumed Mental Health EHR product features benefit healthcare providers by increasing efficiency and improving organization. By implementing the software, users can keep track of current and historical clinical program status, comply with dates for treatment plans and utilization reviews, shorten reimbursement periods to improve collections, generate state reporting requirements, prepare group scheduling, and so on. 

To manage every patient’s EHR, it is recommended that healthcare providers, clinicians, emergency personnel, physical therapy facilities, and all health-related agencies make the transition to EHR systems. These systems make the daily organization of electronic health records a breeze for all professionals involved in patient care. An applicable EHR mental health system will prove a valuable addition to your practice because it not only makes record-keeping a simple task, but it also helps you make the best clinical decisions for your patients.

Tap into current technology by considering beneficial mental health software for your behavioral health practice. Allow yourself and your patients to take advantage of the best that modern technology has made available.