Pre-configured Reports

Developed with comprehensive, industry driven best-practices, AccuMed comes to you bundled with hundreds of pre-configured reports that will meet the business requirements of most practices and specialties. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, you can easily produce and export reports to more than 20 file formats which are widely supported by many of today’s back office applications.

Custom Report Designer

With our ability to customize, we can provide you with a product that delivers the flexibility that’s so critical to your office. The AccuMed Custom Report Designer enables authorized staff members to edit existing reports or create new ones to address any of your organizational requirements. You will have the flexibility to analyze and customize reports, easily accessing any information stored in the database. Newly created reports can be shared and published throughout the organization. The bottom line — you gain greater business value from your information.


  • User-friendly report designer

  • Custom Invoices, Statements, Encounters, and Recall Letters

  • Seamless Export to Excel, Access, Acrobat (PDF) , HTML, XML and more

  • Ad-hoc Excel Queries

  • Hundreds of pre-configured reports and forms

  • Sort by any combination of data elements

  • On screen preview


  • Tracks aging, statistical analysis, productivity, profitable services, and more

  • Reports and track consumer program attendance

  • View data in exactly the format you require

  • Arranges data for easy interpretation

  • Discuss statements with patients, while viewing directly from your pc

  • Easy to use and flexible tool