A new level of agency management

Agencies today are continually faced with government mandated system requirements, rising IT maintenance costs, and the need to increase efficiency and improve quality of care. Accumedic provides the intelligent solution with the AccuMed Cloud. Best in class Behavioral Health EHR, OTP and PM software delivered as a “Service” (SaaS), via the Accumedic secure Cloud server. Enjoy the complete functionality of your AccuMed system on any Windows tablet, laptop or PC, without having to install it. Automatically access the latest versions and updates as soon as they are released, without the downtime or costs associated with upgrading to new software. Add new users quickly and easily without having to purchase and install new software. Benefit from all of the functions that behavioral health industry experts have come to expect from Accumedic, without the IT expense or downtime associated with traditional in-house system solutions.


  • Increased Security and Reliability

  • Quick and easy setup, no software to install

  • Automatic software updates

  • Eliminate hardware and maintenance costs

  • Industry leading technical support

Get the latest and most effective tools you need to run your practice, with none of the costs, liability or headaches of an onsite computer system. Choose the EHR and/ or Practice Management system that works best for you and Accumedic handles the rest; all for a low monthly fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AccuMed Cloud Solution?

– The AccuMed Cloud Solution is the latest AccuMed software and services of your choosing. All of the software and data resides on our secure Cloud servers and is available for you and your team to access from anywhere there is an internet connection.

How difficult is it to setup new users?

– Adding new users, deleting users, and reassigning seats are all simple online procedures that can easily be handled by your team administrator. Account management is all performed through your secure online administrator control panel; it’s electronic, quick and easy.

What is the cost benefit over traditional implementations?

– The Accumedic Cloud runs and operates on the web; all you need is a laptop, tablet or PC and an internet connection. This means there are no expensive data servers or other hardware to purchase and maintain, so the initial implementation costs are kept at a minimum. And without the annual maintenance fees and support costs of a traditional onsite system the savings will continue well after activation. Once you’re up and running all you pay is the monthly subscription fee

Who do I contact for service and support?

– Accumedic handles all of your product support issues, just login to our support portal or call the toll-free number. Our industry-leading support team will handle the rest.

How secure is the Accumedic Cloud Server?

-AccuMed Cloud is HIPAA compliant with top-level data encryption. All data is housed in SSAE 16 compliant data centers at multiple locations with bank-level security, ensuring its safety and security in the event of a fire or catastrophic disaster. During past catastrophic events, many practices with client-server systems suffered permanent, unrecoverable data loss due to their in-office system’s servers – with client-server systems, patient data is only a disaster away from destruction. AccuMed Cloud Solution is certified by the Drummond Group®, and accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Where can I find out more about the AccuMed Cloud Solution?

-Please visit our Contact Us page and complete one of the information request forms, email us at info@accumedic.com or if you would prefer to speak to one of our representatives please call: 1-800-765-9300.