Online Eligibility Verification

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Verify a consumer’s health benefits directly, in real-time, at the point of service during intake or patient registration, to insure provided services are covered. AccuMed processes the 270, 271, 278 HIPAA transaction sets in real-time and/or batch mode.

Automated Telephone Appointment Reminder


Enhance clinician-consumer communication using personalized phone messaging, to confirm appointments; recall consumers due for next office visit; follow-up on missed appointments. Each personalized message may include consumer-specific details related to an office visit: consumer’s name, date and time, location, procedure instructions and a personal note from the clinician.

835 Remittance Posting


Increase productivity and accuracy by downloading and easily posting electronic remittance files with a single click. AccuMed 835 Remittance Poster will automatically capture payments, denials, remark and claim adjustment codes. AccuMed Remit supports 835 remittance processing for government and commercial payers.

Signature Pad Interface

The AccuMed Signature Pad Interface captures electronic signatures for any consumer at appointment check-in. The signature is attached to consumer’s appointment along with sign-in date and time, automatically indicating their arrival as well.

Attendance Billing


Programs like Residential, Day Hab, School Based, Half Day and Full Day Community Services rely on AccuMed Attendance module to quickly and easily bill consumers for services rendered over a user defined period of time. It is as easy as marking a consumer absent (billing by exception).