Ensuring Compliance with Florida’s Electronic Health Records Act with Accumedic, a Powerful EHR Solution

The Electronic Health Records Act, a recent legal revision in Florida, has cleared the path for improved protection and accessibility of electronic patient data across the continental United States. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Act is a significant development that addresses the need for trustworthy EHR solutions, and Accumedic stands out as a potent response to these regulatory requirements.

Understanding the Florida Electronic Healthcare Act:

Protected health information (PHI) stored offsite as of July 1 must be kept physically in the United States, its territories, or Canada according the Florida Electronic Health Records Act. This helps to improve data security since it guarantees that patient data stays in areas with strict data protection legislation.

Additionally, the law places responsibility on healthcare companies to guarantee that third-party suppliers, such as cloud service providers, preserve patient data within the specified geographic restrictions. This action is especially important in a time when prompt access to vast amounts of patient data, including imaging, is necessary for prompt and effective healthcare delivery.

Accumedic’s Compliance with the Florida Electronic Health Records Act:

Data Centers Located in the United States:
Accumedic’s EHR solution is strategically positioned to meet the demands of the new legislation. The Accumedic data centers are SOC II Type 2 audited facilities that are located throughout the continental United States. This makes ensuring that PHI is kept within the Act’s specified geographic boundaries.

Dedicated Support and Development in the U.S.:
Supporting the American healthcare system by keeping its support, development, and business activities domestically is Accumedic’s commitment to the country. This not only guarantees adherence to legal requirements but also helps uphold high standards for data security and customer service.

Significant Infrastructure Investment:
Accumedic invests significantly more in its infrastructure than is typical for the industry in order to deliver exceptional service and protect PHI. Accumedic can manage and keep control of its digital footprint thanks to this investment, enhancing client reliability, security, and performance.

Holistic Solution for Healthcare Providers:
Accumedic’s EHR solution offers a full platform for healthcare providers rather than focusing solely on compliance. Accumedic is able to react swiftly to the altering needs of healthcare providers and make sure they are always in advance of compliance requirements thanks to U.S.-based support and development teams.

Due to the passage of the Florida Electronic Health Records Act, healthcare organizations now have a greater need to guarantee that PHI is handled with the utmost security and compliance. Accumedic’s EHR solution not only complies with the strict guidelines of this legislation, but also goes above and beyond by making infrastructure investments, keeping operations in the United States, and concentrating on offering great support to healthcare providers. Accumedic is therefore a superb option for healthcare enterprises seeking to succeed in a climate where data security and compliance are crucial.

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