AccuMed Behavioral Health EHR – Lab Order Video Series 1 of 3

Empowering your agency with AccuMed Behavioral Health EHR Electronic Lab Ordering module can streamline workflow, save time and improve health care quality.

Streamline Workflow

Many agencies have contracts with various Lab partners. Multiple Labs can have some unintentional consequences on your provider’s workflow. Different order screens, different sites, different requisitions, and different processes are all such examples. Resulting in more time training, learning and an overall cumbersome workflow. Accumedic has developed relationships and integrations with most widely used labs. The benefit of these partnerships is that your agency can reduce these challenges by using Accumedic’s simple user-friendly lab order module as a single point of entry.

Streamline workflow does not stop at order writing and includes order results. Paper results offer their own set of challenges: lost, different formats, timeliness. Accumed EHR uses its HL7 results engine as a hub. Thus, our hub receives, processes and transforms lab results in real-time. As a result, care providers can review lab results from a single chart view. Additionally, electronic lab results are received faster than a traditional paper process. Not to mention, our results hub can alert clinicians to incoming order results.

In other words, a standardized order entry and automated order results should result in improved efficiency.

Accumedic’s Support Team has put together a 3 part web training video series surrounding the Lab Order Module on the Support Portal

The Video Tutorial Agenda

  • How to Access Lab Orders
  • How to Create a Lab Order
  • User Interface Overview
  • Order Transmission
  • Paper Requisition

To view the first video training for the AccuMed Lab Order Module Click Here or log into the AccuMed Support Site and search the knowledge base for key word Lab Orders


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Stay tuned for the 2 part of this 3 part series – “Scheduling Lab Orders”