A Behind the Scenes Look into

The Evolution of an Intelligent Behavioral Health EHR Solution

Built by developers, molded by an industry

In 1977 a visionary group of software developers set out to create an agency management solution that was second to none. The first phase was the development of intuitive software to facilitate electronic claims and remittance processing. Recognizing the dynamic nature of behavioral healthcare, the developers of AccuMed™ utilized a normalized database framework that would support a wide variety of workflows and stand the test of time. Peter Matulich, COO of Accumedic Computer Systems states,

“We were aware from the start that we would need to be agile in our development process.”

They developed AccuMed™, utilizing a normalized database framework that would support a wide variety of workflows and provide the flexibility for future developments and stand the test of time. According to Peter, AccuMed™ stood apart from its competition right from the beginning;

“Unlike with off-the-shelf or custom-built software, Accumedic committed itself early on to discrete database principles: every pick list and drop list is clearly related to a database field.”

Bringing teams together; forging better processes

To truly be successful a solution must provide functionality well beyond claim submissions and remittance processing. AccuMed™ would need to provide both front and back office efficiencies while supporting staff with the data and tools to deliver the best possible care. By design, the AccuMed™ platform provides agencies with the flexibility to easily adapt it to their workflow and integrate their existing operations.

One important advantage AccuMed™ provides is the adaptability to address the communication barriers that can develop between departments. It is widely acknowledged that a huge disconnect exists between clinical and billing staff, who frequently use different terms for the same procedures. According to Mr. Matulich AccuMed™ provides the ideal solution for this common issue,

“We’ve bridged the gap between departments that don’t always speak the same language under one solution.”

A critical issue facing agencies today is the upcoming transition to value-based payments and the demands for agencies small and large to promote interoperability. AccuMed™ has this issue covered and much more, according to Peter Matulich,

“The flexibility of the AccuMed™, web-based EHR eases compliance with easy to implement updates and provides agencies with secure mobile access to clinical data and external interoperability for a complete continuum of care.”

Partnership approach to maintaining robust solutions

To remain an industry-leading solution, AccuMed™ must continue to evolve over time and be responsive to the latest best-practices and standards of treatment. It must easily adapt to shifting workflows and procedures within the agency and serve to guide compliance with the latest healthcare regulations. In order to continue providing agile and effective solutions an ongoing partnership had to be developed with clients. According to Mr. Matulich, this partnership benefits both developers and users alike,

“Increased collaboration with our customers breeds a better, longer-lasting solution.”

To ensure AccuMed™ performs up to its potential, dedicated implementation and support teams are assigned to learn how each client agency operates. This partnership facilitates the seamless transition to a streamlined workflow for the agencies and the ongoing development of intelligent solutions that evolve with the ever-changing industry and diverse client needs.

AccuMed™ EHR provides agencies with the innovative technology to easily adapt their workflow to the rapidly changing demands of today’s healthcare community.

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