AccuMed™ Telehealth Client Engagement

Answering the needs of today with the workflow of tomorrow

The recent COVID-19 social distancing guidelines have
accelerated the need for telehealth services in behavioral
healthcare. The need for telehealth client engagement tools
has never been greater. Accumedic provides the solution for
your existing workflow and the resources to get you up and
running quickly.

Take the next step and modernize your behavioral healthcare
services with access to EHR and video conferencing features in a
single consolidated system. Remotely engage with your clients
safely and securely within just a few clicks. Easily maintain
continuity of service with telehealth as one of your main care
delivery options. Our shared sessions plan makes it easy to
manage your airtime costs, rather than paying per registered user.
Chart your sessions in real-time, concurrently with AccuMed™
Telehealth seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Your future clinical workflow is available right now.

  • Telehealth features seamlessly integrated into your AccuMed
    clinical workflow
  • Schedule, meet, treat, chart and bill all within one application
  • Conduct telehealth sessions right from the patient’s chart
  • Concurrent documentation while conducting telehealth sessions
  • Affordable shared session-based pricing,no monthly fees per-user
  • Safe and secure HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Our team of experts will get you up and running quickly
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