Engage your clients on a whole new level with AccuMed Patient Portal

Keep your clients informed and involved in their care by providing secure mobile access to all of their current health information. Make your services more readily accessible while reducing your administrative burdens. Increase the breadth and accuracy of your data as well as the quality of personalized care and outcomes. AccuMed Patient Portal provides behavioral health providers with the secure functionality to:

Keep Your Clients Informed

The AccuMed Patient Portal allows care-givers to easily share important information, such as clinical summaries or educational materials securely with their clients. Labs and other clinical information (diagnoses, medications, immunizations and procedures) can flow to the portal immediately after being reviewed to avoid any unnecessary delays or miscommunications. At any time, clients can securely log in and access their most current medical information on their mobile device, reducing the time you spend fulfilling client information requests.

Increase Your Accessibility

Our Patient Portal’s accessibility and administrative automation will save time and effort for your staff and clients alike. Through the portal clients can electronically request medication refills, communicate with their care-givers, make payments and schedule appointments, significantly reducing your call volume and the frequency of no-shows. The convenience of 24/7 access enables clients and staff to check and respond to messages anytime, regardless of office hours. Communication with care-givers through the portal can also be a valuable alternative to office visits and will help encourage clients to become actively involved in their own care.

Improve the Quality of Your Information

Access to AccuMed Patient Portal enables clients to review their complete health information so they can easily advise care-givers about any missing or inaccurate data. Clinicians will have the tools to effortlessly collect more valuable client information. All conversations within the portal are automatically documented, providing new insights into clients lives and recording details that will help you deliver more personalized care.

AccuMed™ EHR, provides agencies with the latest technology to easily adapt their workflow to the rapidly changing demands of today’s healthcare community.