Opioid Treatment Management with AccuMed™ EHR

Manage all of your clinical, dispensing, and billing functions with one, easy-to-use solution. AccuMed™ Addiction Treatment EHR offers complete Opioid Dispensing capabilities, with an adaptable clinical record and industry-leading billing system to provide best-in-class treatment program management.

With AccuMed™ EHR, agencies can electronically manage every phase of opioid dispensing including: order creation, dispensing, exception orders, holds, randomized testing, and inventory. Easily remain compliant with controlled substance requirements using dual client identification, built-in inventory controls and accountability tools. The integrated e-lab incorporates testing request and result notifications directly into the client’s chart to support real-time decision-making capabilities.

Increase collaboration and improve program effectiveness with clinical integration and secure sharing of client data. Clinicians can easily access the most up-to-date, relevant information and actively monitor ongoing treatment activity with custom alerts and clinical event notifications. All clinical data is HIPAA secure and easily accessible from initial encounter, through to screening, assessments, treatment, discharge, and final outcome.

AccuMed™ EHR enables agencies to streamline and automate their billing process. Staff can easily verify client information at first encounter and identify any possible reimbursement obstacles early on. Since the billing and clinical data are integrated, the billable service data can be recorded in real-time as the services are provided. This immediate availability of billing data enables automation of the claims processes, thus reducing the administrative burden and improving revenue stream.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easily manage all phases of treatment, initial screening, assessments, treatment plan, progress notes, dispensing (with warnings and alerts), discharge notes and referrals
  • Comprehensive, integrated application: one database for dispensing, EMR/EHR, practice management, scheduling and claims processing
  • Fully Integrated OTP software supports most medications (Methadone, Suboxone, Buprenorphine and Naloxone)
  • Two-way patient identification using photo and/or fingerprint
  • Complete reporting capabilities for State and Federal DEA audits
  • Fiscal and clinical Executive Dashboard for agency management at a glance

AccuMed™ EHR provides addiction treatment professionals with the latest technology to easily adapt their workflow and meet the rapidly growing demands of today’s healthcare community. Learn more

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