AccuMed Behavioral Health EHR – Simple Tokens Tutorial

 What are Simple Tokens?

Simple Tokens are a library of shortcuts to frequently used words/phrases, which can be used as macros while documenting therapy notes in AccuMed EHR. The aim for utilizing tokens is to provide reliable, clear and concise therapy notes while saving time on clicks and keystrokes. Ultimately allowing the clinician to focus on the patient

Some additional benefits for using Simple Text Tokens are:

  • Decrease therapy note time
  • Improve consistency of documentation of therapy notes

Accumedic’s Support Team has put together a short tutorial that is available on the Support Portal
The Video Tutorial Agenda

  • Accessing the Token Library
  • Creating a Token
  • Modifying a Token
  • Deleting a Token
  • Demonstration on how to use Simple Tokens

Tokens are very simple to set up and use, with the additional significant upside for the quality of your patient experience. Start using them today!

To view the Simple Token video tutorial Click Here or log into the AccuMed Support Site and search the knowledge base for key word Simple Tokens.


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