AccuMed™ RCM – Complete Revenue Cycle Management

AccuMed™ RCM provides behavioral health agencies the latest tools for maintaining an efficient and reliable revenue stream. Eliminate day-to-day tasks and accelerate reimbursements with a professionally managed billing process. Enjoy instant access to accurate, real-time financial data and monitor the entire revenue cycle with customized analytics.

“Let’s simplify your billing so you can focus on the care.”

Billing Management

With AccuMed™ RCM agencies receive an automated, professionally managed billing process designed to optimize reimbursement. All of the required data is automatically collected and processed by experienced billing professionals with in-depth knowledge of the procedures, regulations and ongoing changes in behavioral health care. Eliminate the concerns of managing and training billing staff, get the tools to effectively monitor and manage your entire billing process with ease.

Custom Analytics

Track your entire revenue cycle with the custom analytics dashboards in AccuMed™ RCM. Users can set up performance indicators and custom alerts, to accurately measure and monitor any aspect of the financial process. Quickly access data and trending analyses to identify possible workflow issues and keep your revenue cycle at peak performance

AccuMed™ RCM Advantages:

  • Custom analytics dashboards.
  • Real-time financial reporting.
  • Automated Insurance eligibility verification.
  • Claims scrubbing/editing and submission.
  • Remittance, and accounts receivable management.
  • Seamless integration with AccuMed™ EHR.

Together with AccuMed™ EHR, AccuMed™ RCM provides behavioral health organizations a comprehensive, agency management system that will streamline workflows, improve revenue stream, increase profitability, and improve the quality of care and outcomes.

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