AccuMed EHR Mental Health Software HIE Integration and the Expanding Network of Care

There are wide spread changes taking effect in Behavioral healthcare that are seriously impacting how most agencies operate. The need to access and share clients’ clinical data within a growing network of healthcare providers has many agencies searching for viable solutions.

This search raises many common questions:

  • “Will my current solution interface with local HIEs?”
  • “How will these changes affect my workflow?”
  • “Can I really expect a positive affect on outcomes and quality of care?”
  • “Is it worth transitioning to a new solution right now?”

The future success of many behavioral healthcare providers will rely on the answers they find.

Choosing the right IT partner should enable providers to easily join today’s rapidly expanding health information network. All pertinent clinical information and diagnostic tools would be readily accessible, providing a complete picture of the client’s health to support improved decision-making capabilities. AccuMed™ EHR provides seamless integration with the caregiver’s HIE completely within the system. There is no need to manually access external portals to search for and access a client’s records, AccuMed™ EHR links directly to the consolidated, real-time information provided via the HIE.

This wealth of vital information can be effectively managed with a host of diagnostic tools:

  • Clinical record search tool for actionable client data.
  • Custom alerts for clinical event notifications.
  • Ability to deliver clinical summaries
  • HIPAA secure messaging.

AccuMed™ EHR provides agencies with the innovative technology to easily adapt their workflow to the rapidly changing demands of today’s healthcare community.

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