Let’s Talk About The Value of Electronic Referrals and Scheduling Automation

Maintaining continuity of care is an integral part of every provider’s treatment process, especially within the behavioral healthcare community. Quite often, clients’ needs require the services of a variety of dispirit providers, ranging from mental health and substance abuse clinics to hospitals and medical outpatient facilities.
One possible gap in a client’s treatment can occur when he/she is referred to an additional care provider. If not executed properly, the referral process may compromise the quality of care. Delayed or missing information and even missed appointments could occur and have detrimental affects on client’s well being and outcomes. In order to avoid this possible lapse in treatment, the attending care providers must ensure the timely and secure transfer of documentation, as well as efficient and convenient appointment scheduling.

Modernize and automate your referral process with AccuMed™ EHR Direct Messaging.

Harness our cutting-edge technology to enable secure, electronic sharing of continuity of care documentation directly with the client’s treatment team. With AccuMed ™ EHR the referral notification and required documents are sent simultaneously within a HIPAA-secure environment. The immediate sharing of clinical information helps promote improved care, through informed, follow-up treatment decisions. Secure, automated scheduling with AccuMed™ EHR and your partner treatment facilities makes referral scheduling easy, while the client is still in your office. Automated alerts and reminders can be set up to ensure appointments are kept, all providing a seamless transition between providers for better continuity of care.

A Value-Add for Clients and Agencies alike

Clients – receive referral and confirmed follow-up appointment, all during the initial visit. Convenient, automated scheduling helps insure the follow-up appointments are made and the automated reminders help ensure they’re kept.

Agencies – manage referrals quickly, accurately, and securely while expediting the scheduling process and reducing the burden on administrative staff. Direct Messaging enables the immediate sharing of clinical documentation in order to prepare the follow-up caregiver with a complete understanding of the clients’ health and treatment status. Scheduling automation helps improve client attendance and alleviates staff of the burden of following-up with clients and subsequent caregivers.

AccuMed™ EHR provides agencies with the innovative technology to easily adapt their workflow to the rapidly changing demands of today’s healthcare community.

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