Get the Latest Tools for Treating Chemical Dependency

Opioid addiction in the US is on the rise and is lately reported to be at crisis levels. The efforts to combat this crisis have become a matter of national concern, and as a result addiction treatment facilities may find themselves under increased scrutiny. As the number of clients in need of chemical dependency treatment increases, agencies will need more efficient and effective workflows to properly handle the increasing caseloads, especially when prescribing and dispensing controlled substances.

Increase your workflow efficiency by managing all of your clinical, dispensing, and billing functions with a single, easy-to-use solution. Improve the effectiveness of your treatment programs through clinical integration and real-time sharing of relevant data. AccuMed™ Behavioral Health EHR provides complete Opioid Dispensing capabilities together with an adaptable clinical record and industry-leading billing system for comprehensive treatment management.

AccuMed™ EHR Clinical Treatment and Dispensing Management

  • Coordinates full clinical documentation, screening, assessment, treatment plans and progress notes
  • Comprehensive eRx capabilities and support tools with orders written directly into client chart
  • Two-way identification of client by stored photograph and fingerprint
  • Efficient (one-click) medication distribution
  • Enables dispensing of Liquid and Tablet Methadone, Narcan, Naloxone, Naltrexone, Suboxone and Vivitrol
  • Simultaneous multi-unit dosage inventory tracking
  • Accommodates orders, exception orders, holds, randomized urine test, spillage
  • Complete inventory tracking and accountability

AccuMed™EHR for Behavioral Healthcare provides addiction treatment professionals with the latest technology to easily adapt their workflow and meet the rapidly growing demands of today’s healthcare community. Learn more about our Addiction Treatment Software or schedule a live demo to find out more.