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Accumed EHR Lab Order Video 1

AccuMed Behavioral Health EHR - Lab Order Video Series 1 of 3 Empowering your agency with AccuMed Behavioral Health EHR Electronic Lab Ordering module can streamline workflow, save time and improve health care quality. Streamline Workflow Many agencies have contracts with various Lab partners. Multiple Labs can have some unintentional consequences on your provider's workflow. [...]

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Evolution of an Intelligent Behavioral Health EHR Solution

A Behind the Scenes Look into The Evolution of an Intelligent Behavioral Health EHR Solution Built by developers, molded by an industry In 1977 a visionary group of software developers set out to create an agency management solution that was second to none. The first phase was the development of intuitive software to facilitate electronic [...]

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Opioid Treatment Management

Opioid Treatment Management with AccuMed™ EHR Manage all of your clinical, dispensing, and billing functions with one, easy-to-use solution. AccuMed™ Addiction Treatment EHR offers complete Opioid Dispensing capabilities, with an adaptable clinical record and industry-leading billing system to provide best-in-class treatment program management. With AccuMed™ EHR, agencies can electronically manage every phase of opioid dispensing [...]

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Smoking Cessation New York Opt-to-Quit

Smoking cessation, how effective is your program? AccuMed™ EHR and NY Opt-to-Quit™ provide effective help for getting your client's tobacco-free Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death, disease, and disability in this country. Approximately one in seven adults in New York State still smoke tobacco (one in three among adults with mental health [...]

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Accumed Teleremind Confirm Appointments

Automated Appointment Reminders with AccuMed™ TeleRemind. Confirm appointments and improve attendance Are no-shows hurting your efficiency and quality of care? Sporadic client attendance can have a negative affect on an agency's effectiveness and profitability. Studies suggest that as many as 20-30% of clients contacting psychiatric clinics miss their initial appointments. These no-shows represent unfilled appointment [...]

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Come See Us at NatCon2018! Stop by Booths 917 & 997 and Enter for a Chance to Win an Amazon Echo April 23–25, 2018 we will be showcasing our industry-leading EMR, Practice Management, Billing, and OTP Dispensing solutions at the 2018 National Conference in Washington DC. - NatCon2018. As a leading provider of EHR solutions [...]

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Let's Talk About The Value of Electronic Referrals and Scheduling Automation Maintaining continuity of care is an integral part of every provider's treatment process, especially within the behavioral healthcare community. Quite often, clients' needs require the services of a variety of dispirit providers, ranging from mental health and substance abuse clinics to hospitals and medical [...]

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OMH Cost of Living Adjustment 2018

OMH Cost of Living Adjustment 2018 (COLA) 2018 Effective April 1, 2018 there will be an increase to mental health outpatient provider rates to reflect legislative cost of living adjustment (COLA) increases in salary and salary related fringe benefits costs for certain staff at Office of Mental Health (OMH) licensed not-for-profit providers. As prescribed by [...]

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AccuMed EHR Simple Token Tutorial

AccuMed Behavioral Health EHR - Simple Tokens Tutorial  What are Simple Tokens? Simple Tokens are a library of shortcuts to frequently used words/phrases, which can be used as macros while documenting therapy notes in AccuMed EHR. The aim for utilizing tokens is to provide reliable, clear and concise therapy notes while saving time on clicks [...]

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